Friday, July 07, 2006

Am I a trendy wannabe?

This is a question I was pondering during my recent job search. The job I really wanted at the time was for a trendy home store and it just got me thinking. Plus when I was in college trying to decide where to go next, a former friend said it to me, (btw, where is she now - SEATTLE)! I sit at work and listen to my iPod and read books in which a lot have turned to movies. Although, I don't think the music on my iPod is trendy - it includes a variety from Neil Diamond to Pantera and everything in between. I go home in my not so trendy car that I want to trade in. I play my PSP, sometimes watch Friends or Sex and the City repeats and watch the O.C and Smallville on Thursday nights! (I don't admit to many people about the O.C., but it's addicting and maybe a part of me does miss living in southern cali). I know my current wardrobe isn't trendy, but I do wish I had more style. Now I'm wondering if Blogs are trendy. I have asked people how mutual acquaintances or even how my cousin is doing and what response do I get- a Blog link!

Me at work:
thanks to the super talented otter for the sketch!


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