Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend Follow Up

Okay, so if you follow baseball and saw the Phillies-Giants game on Friday, I went 50% on my predictions. I actually saw Barry Bonds play! I was happy about that, and thought it might have been an omen that things were going to change. I mean, not only did he play, he stole a base and made a great outfield catch! I was even in the concession area one time he came to bat, but I wasn't lucky enough to catch a HR ball. :( I'm not like other Philly fans - I actually respect the guy. Hitting seven hundred and some home runs is still a feat. If I hold any grudges against him, it's for leaving the Pirates. I was happy and nervous when the Phillies took the lead early in the game. Then thanks to a couple of fielding miscues, the Giants regained the lead and ended up winning. I'm not too surprised, but it's getting frustrating! They ended up taking the series from the Giants winning 2 out of 3, but what game was I at - the only one in the series they lost! Someone pointed out that I'm not a jinx because last year after I saw them lose, they went on a 7 game winning streak. So far this year it's a 2 game wining streak, but they go to San Diego tonight and that is going to be a tough battle. Come on Phils!!!!

Concert tip: If you ever have the opportunity to go see Blues Traveler - GO SEE THEM!! I saw them on Sunday and they were amazing! The otter is a big fan, and I like them, but it's not like I own a lot of their CD's, but their show was so full of energy. I wanted to stand and "dance" the whole show. (I have dance in quotes because I think what I do doesn't quite qualify as dancing)! Unfortunately, there were some old cranks in the audience that sat the whole time and were telling people to sit down. It's an energetic concert - let people have fun! I mean Blues Traveler only stopped because the venue shut them down! Seriously, some noise ordinance or something. It was at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, beautiful place. And luckily thanks to the otter I'm going back next month!!! Yeah!!!!!!! :)


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