Monday, July 31, 2006


Yes, it's been a little while since I posted anything for many reasons. 1st, because I didn't have anything interesting to say. Do I ever?! 2nd, I do most of my writing at work since it's SO slow here, but as of late, I've been completely sucked into Stephen King's Dark Tower series! It all started so innocently a few summers ago. A friend coming to LA had "The Gunslinger", finished it during the trip, knew I was a Stephen King fan and left it for me. (I believe I'm remembering that correctly). I mostly remember reading it by the pool in my old apartment on the verge of the San Fernando Valley in the summer. It was freakin' hot and I couldn't get into the story all that much. Some parts were good, but mostly I thought it was dry. I mean I should have related to the guy - he was wandering across the desert - I was baking in the southern ca sun. . .! Anyways, I eventually finish it and think maybe someday down the road, I'll get the rest of the series, not putting too much thought into it. Flash forward a few years later. The Otter is visiting my place for one of the first times and is doing the routine check, looks at my bookshelf and notices "The Gunslinger" sitting there all by itself (with no others in the series). We have a brief conversation about it, and he says he has the rest of the series if I want to read them. Eh, I'm not too eager, but a few months later he's giving me the 2nd one to read. I'm sort of dreading it. It summarizes "The Gunslinger" in the beginning and I think "Hey, that sounds like it would have been a good book"! By then it was starting into the summer of 2005 and I'm reading "The Drawing of the Three". It's so darn good, but I wasn't taking too much time to read, so it drags on a little past summer. The 2nd one gave me faith for the series, so I wanted to eventually borrow the rest from the Otter, but my mound of reading was high, it was going to be awhile. Flash to present summer. I finally get caught up with my other readings, thanks to a boss who gives me minimal work and lets me bring books to work! I quickly read the 3rd and 4th books in a few weeks time. I was wondering if I was going to read them all at once, or space them out, maybe finishing the last one in the summer of 2010, but the 3rd one abruptly ends, so I have to continue. Luckily I didn't read them right when they came out, or I would have been waiting 7 years for the 4th one! "Wizard and Glass" was SO good! I mean last week at work, I lost track of time and ending up staying late because of that story (I didn't take the overtime for it - I'm an honest person)! I finished the 4th one on Friday and started the 5th one this morning. The first few pages were tough, then I got distracted by the wonderful internet and eventually blogging. Roland or Susannah or Eddie are not in the first few pages, so that bummed me out. But then again, they were not in the first few pages of the back story in the 4th book, and that bummer me out, but it turned out to be such an awesome story. I just need to be more optimistic about this 5th one because before long, this book will be the equivalent of Roland's Tower and nothing will stand in the way of me reading!! Haa Haa (evil laugh)! :)


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