Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Have it No Way

Maybe a little over a year ago, I swore I would never eat Burger King again. The one in LA by my old work screwed up my order one too many times and they were not nice about it at all. I can't quite remember the details anymore, so it may be kind of silly. However, I've pretty much kept that promise. Although, I must admit, I've eaten their breakfast sandwiches a few times, but I haven't paid for them so they are not getting any of my money. One of the few fast food places by my work is Burger King and one of the managers picks up breakfast sandwiches from there most mornings. Maybe once or twice my hunger has taken over and I've eaten one - but either someone else from the company would have, or it would have been thrown away. Most of the times I say "no" not only because of my "boycott", but because they have piggy meat, and also must be loaded with fat and calories. The only thing I sometimes want is their onion rings with actual onion ring sauce! yum! Also, not sure if it's true, but heard once that their french toast sticks are vegan! (funny since what is french toast made with? - milk and eggs!) Oh, and they were one of the first chains to offer veggie burgers, but alas, I must refuse. Either way, I was very glad to see this article posted today:


Ha ha - evil Burger King - my boycott is working!!


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