Monday, August 07, 2006

Football's Back!!!!

Football is finally here again!!! As you may know, the Eagles played the Raiders in a Hall of Fame game last night. The Eagles lost, but they looked impressive as hell on their first drive. Granted, it was against the Raiders, so maybe it was a false sense of hope. Donovan McNabb only played that one drive, so hard to tell with him. Westbrook had some nice runs. Back-up runner Bruce Perry took a bad hit late in the 4th quarter, but it was reported that he went home with the team and had a mild concussion, so that was good to read it was not worse. I am still a little worried about the Eagles (pronounced egg-els, or e-agh-les. Inside joke, don't worry if it's not funny to you)! They didn't acquire a whole lot of new talent in the off season. Maybe they're done with signing the big names after the whole T.O. fiasco. (Jeff Garcia is they only one I knew before they acquired him, and he doesn't count)!
Either way - E-A-G-L-E-S. Go eagles!! Must get those 49'ers - Eagles tickets. I SO hope that game is exactly like last year. It was early in the season, and they routed the Niners! I have never been to an Eagles game before so I don't know if I have the Philly curse, or just the Phillies curse. . .

Phillies were on Sunday night baseball same time as Eagles last night. Flipped back and forth until I saw a horrid score, and checked back after the game was over only to make sure I didn't miss a great comeback. No such luck and the Phillies fall 13 games back from the Mets and 3.5 back in the wild card race. Not sure what I think of all the starters they traded to make room for the rookies. 3 I'm certain of - sad to see David Bell and Bobby Abreu leave, and happy to see Sal Fassano go. Even if Fassano went to the Yankees - I didn't like the guy. I believe Nunez is Bell's replacement. Maybe I'm not giving the guy a fair shot, but I don't like him either. I've really only seen him in the pinch hitter's spot, and he always gets out! I think he ended the game in San Fran a few weeks back that I was at. David Dellucci and Victorino were rotating as Abreu's replacement. Dellucci I like, even if he is a former Yankee. He is a consistent hitter, and was glad to see him off the bench. Victorino is another Nunez.

Exciting time of year with baseball playoffs heating up and football starting. If summer wasn't ending, I'd be happy as a pig in mud!


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