Friday, August 25, 2006


Okay, so I'm completely bored out of my mind. I'm here at work in an empty floor that ironically used to be a women's prison! My boss and other co-workers are in a different building, so I thought I'd write before I went completely out of my mind. My friends from Boston are coming to visit next week, so I have a nice 5 and half day weekend coming up! (Boston was another one of this Piggy's stops for a little over a year). Piggy really liked Boston, but had to try out CA. Steagle (Eagles vs. Steelers) game is on tonight! The Otter is coming down to meet me after work and we're going someplace to watch it since I will not be able to make it home in time. I'm so glad it's a pre-season game. Don't tell my Pittsburgh friends, but I hate to route against the Steelers! Placed a bet when I was in Reno, so if either of those teams win the SuperBowl, I'll get some money! Honestly, it will not be easy money. I think it will be tough for the Steelers to repeat and I think the Eagles are still doing some rebuilding after last year's collapse.

Phillies climbing up in the wild card race! They are currently in 3rd place and 2.5 back from the Reds, (maybe soon to be Cardinals since they are currently tied atop the NL Central). I really don't want the Phillies and Cardinals battling out for that wild card spot. It might be nice to see them battle in the playoffs since the Otter is a red bird fan and that would make things interesting! If I can be a Red Sox fan and survive living with a Yankee fan during those ALCS games in 2003 and 2004, I think I can survive a little friendly rivalry with the Otter! Aaron Roward surpassed Chase Utley as my favorite Phillie after their collision on Tuesday night. Utley seemed real standoff-ish about it, and I got the impression he was trying to blame Rowand. I seriously doubt it was Rowand's fault, or anyone's fault. I'm just really glad that he didn't break his neck!

Might try and bury myself in my book for the remainder of the day. Still reading the Dark Tower series! Just started book 7, but can't stay focused this week to read it. Keep finding silly stuff online to do.

oh, hope to check out "Invincible" this weekend. Review may follow. . .


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