Thursday, September 14, 2006


So I was listening to the radio on the way to work and it all started so innocently with an article about where people wish to live. One of the DJ's was getting on the other's case about hating California and it just got me thinking. (apparently no one wants to live in the Midwest except for me)! I don't like living in CA. Notice I didn't say hate, so it may not be as bad as it seems. I just moved up to the Bay Area from LA, so I tried the major areas of the state. The Bay area is OK, the people are a little more down to earth, and I see many more Saturns here, but it's still California. Sometimes I miss living in LA, but I think I just miss the 'idea" of living in LA. I hate paying so much for rent. I briefly thought of selling my car and moving into the city of SF, but it's even more expensive there, and I'd have to give up most of the nice amenities that makes our place worth the money. (plus I have no idea what the Otter even thinks about that, and I might drive him crazy being car-less). Everyone out here looks at me like I'm crazy when I say I think people in NYC are friendlier then people in CA (LA in particular). In LA you have to drive everywhere, so people are confined to their cars. (however, I did get hit on while stuck in traffic and apparently it is not as uncommon as you might think). Then there's "the business" part of LA in which people will be friendly to you if you can get them something. In NY, people ride the subway together and are forced to sit a matter of inches away in restaurants, so more interaction does occur. A few years ago my mom and I were up in NYC and having dinner. This woman sitting next to us was waiting for her friend and starts up a conversation and even gives me a great coupon for shoes! In all fairness, I have never lived in NY, so that could give me a biased perspective. At least they have a great subway system. In LA, the train barely goes anywhere useful, (I took it 2/3 times and I think that is more then the average person living there their whole life)! The BART up here leaves something to be desired. I mean there are signs on BART that you cannot have beverages. sheesh. Even in Boston, there were Dunkin Donuts inside the train stations encouraging you to buy their coffee for the train ride with the enticing odor. (I miss dunkin donuts. For one reason or another they keep flopping when anyone tries to open one in CA).

LA/California has taught me a few things. (either that or some of this comes with age).
- How to dress a bit better (thanks in part to my first roommate - an LA native)
- How to drive better (laugh if you will, but I didn't drive a whole lot before I moved out here, so imagine the horror of former passengers)!
- That I can do what I want (for some reason I wanted to live in LA since I was in high school - maybe sooner)
- Waxing
- More appreciation for the East Coast
- More appreciation for my sports teams since I either have to go out somewhere to watch them, or hope they are on national tv.
- What the end of a Sunday/Monday night football game is like every week!
- That it can be fun to route for the visiting teams at sporting events
- Snow and humidity are not that bad compared to the alternatives
- A 5 hour drive home (no matter how boring), is much better then an all day/night plane ride

Why don't I leave? Well, the Otter and I are getting into new jobs, and I want to start school, so I may be stuck here for awhile. Plus, where he wants to go, the job market is not that good. Even in Pittsburgh - it's tough. We'll see what happens. In 10 years I may be elsewhere wishing I was back in CA! :)


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I appreciate the joys of waxing too! And I think Cali has rubbed off on you well.

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