Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tourist Piggy

It's been a little while since I wrote. Still kind of slow and sporadic at work, still reading Dark Tower VII! What am I going to do without my Roland fix when it is finished?! Apparently a lot of the other characters overlap into other Stephen King stories, so I guess there's those.

Last week some of my friends from Boston were nice enough to come visit. They both work weekends, so I took a few days off and tried to make it a mini vacation for me. You know sometimes you feel like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation? That is how this felt! I was SO exhausted every night! Luckily I only worked a day and half after I dropped them off at the airport, and had a nice 3 day Labor Day weekend to recover, but I did spend 1/2 the weekend not feeling well, so that didn't turn out too well. Here's what we did. Pictures my follow from home.

Sunday :
* Otter and I picked them up at the airport mid morning
* Went to brunch at a place near our home that I'm blanking on the name
* Went to the Winchester Mystery House (minus the Otter - we saw it when his mom was in town, and I was only glad to go back a second time since I forgot my camera the first time).
* Saw Monopoly in the Park in San Jose - giant Monopoly board
* Saw comedian John Pinette at the San Jose Improv. You may remember him as the carjack victim from the final episode of Seinfield. He was really funny. Otter joined us for this since we heard him on the radio a few days prior. (yes, some of those radio plugs do work)!
*Collapsed at home after a beer

* Mystery Spot - odd, but part of me felt like it was a hoax
* Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - ate a deep friend twinkie and other assorted junk. Saw lots of sea lions
* Met up with the Otter for dinner at In and Out
(doesn't sound like a horribly exhausting day, but it really was)

*Haight-Asbury district
*Japanese Tea Garden (a bit disappointed they charge to see the garden)
* Golden Gate Bridge
* Weinersnitzel (friends really wanted that)
* Home very late to a sweet Otter who grilled for us and taught them how to play Poker

*Pier 39 - more Sea Lions
*Alcatraz - saw it when my mom was in town, but it was worth seeing again and forgot my camera the first time (again).
*Cable car ride
*Met the Otter for a yummy dinner in Chinatown
*walked around Chinatown to find a green piggy like the blue one I bought last time I was there, but no such luck. 2007 is the year of the Pig, so I did buy a 2007 calendar with a cute pig on it.

did the normal breakfast routine, took them to the Airport and came to work for 1/2 day.

sheesh, does that sound like a lot? We did most of the things they wanted to do. Lots of walking / driving, but should I have been so exhausted?

More later - did see Invincible before they arrived, but that's a different post.


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