Friday, September 22, 2006

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, I'm not talking about the Holidays. Although they are nice, I am referring to sports!! SO much to say.

1st: Phillies - unfortunately the damn Mets clinched the NL East. :( As of this afternoon, the Phillies are only 1/2 game back of the Dodgers in the wild card race! Yesterday they were tied for 1st place. I get so nervous whenever I look at the standings. Last year they missed the Wild Card by 1 game. If that happens again this year I'll be SO bummed. Plus it makes me regret going to a game since I'm a jinx!

2nd: Football - Speaking of jinxes, this weekend I'll find out if I have the Philly curse or just the Phillies curse! Yup, the Otter surprised me with tickets for the Niners-Eagles game as an early 1/2 birthday present!!! (He made a comment last year that he wishes people would celebrate 1/2 birthdays since his is near the holidays. So back in June, I remembered this and bought him little half birthday presents and a slice of carrot cake. Totally not expecting anything in return, he surprises me with these Eagles tickets! Wow - Eagles tickets vs. 2 CD's and carrot cake. . .No comparison if you ask me!! ) Anyways, I'm going to see the Eagles!!!! I sure hope they win. Such a disappointing game last week against the Giants. I was in Vegas and watched it on the big screen at ESPN zone. The Eagles were totally dominating, but it almost seems like they stopped playing after the 3rd quarter. Stupid odd fumble play going wrong among other things. I am in a fantasy league this year. I think I'm playing more with my heart then head. I have 3 Eagles! Stallworth, Akers and Westbrook. Stallworth is definitely a keeper (we did the automated draft and I'm so glad I moved him up when he was traded to the Eagles. Wonderful, wonderful acquisition on the Eagles part. Akers is always pretty solid, although my back-up (Kaeding from SD), has been putting up better numbers, I can't bench Akers. I got screwed with the running backs in the draft and then trying to claim one off waivers, so I feel like I went through so much to get Westbrook. Steelers Defense is holding up pretty good. Giving up 9 points isn't too bad, but they should have scored more then 9!! What a frustrating Monday Night game to watch. The thing I hate about fantasy is that it changes who I route for!! For example, Buress is my WR. I hate the Giants, would never route for them. Unless it's week 1, they are playing the Colts, and I want Buress to have a good game! (btw, don't get me started on the "Manning Bowl". So what? I watched the game because it was the Giants vs. Colts and thought it would be a good game)! My fantasy team is a weak 2-0 though. I go up against another un-defeated this week and it's not looking good. (Ironically, his QB is McNabb, so i do want him to dominate me on the QB side)! And by the way, you wonder how people can spend so much time managing a fantasy team? All you have to do is have one and you'll know!! It drives me crazy sometimes!! The Otter and I even have a "reject" league, (for lack of a better term), on We picked players to do bad, and get points based on that. It was too fun picking the worst of the league! Except, I just realized I screwed myself since I think you have to chose your line-up every week. . .

I did go see "Invincible" a few weeks back. I thought it was really good! I'm not sure how much was true, but it was done really well. Mark Wahlberg gained some points in my book, And it made me really really want a Yeungling draft!!

Fly eagles fly, on the way to victory. . .


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