Saturday, October 06, 2007

MLB Playoffs 07

Woo hoo!! Both my teams actually made the playoffs!! The year was 1993 - I was still in high school in PA, and a very different person, Red Sox were still haunted by the Curse of the Bambino - that is the last time the Phillies made the playoffs! They also went to the World Series that year, (and lost to the Blue Jays). Now it's 13 years later and they're back in!! The past 2 years they have missed the playoffs by as little as 1 game - this year it took them all 162 games, but they shocked a lot of people and made it!! My excitement may have died down a little because they are now in the hole 0-2 against the Rockies. But this year's Phillies seem to be the kind of team to make things interesting. And I'm trying to ignore the Sports Illustrated I received this week with Jimmy Rollins on the cover, (a hypothetical jinx believed by some, although I did let out a gasp when I saw it). Just looked at the stats - he is batting .250 with 4 RBI and a HR in the 2 games so far. . . Rowand is only batting .125 - he got hot and helped them make the playoffs. Come on Phils you can do it!!!

the Red Sox are up 2-0 over the Angels. it was a long game last night - but i caught the last few hours (innings), and they are looking good!!! And also i have to gloat that the Indians are beating up on the Yankees. I'm not trying to jinx anything - i know things can change (hope they do with the Phils), but it's looking good in the AL!!

And thanks to my friends S&S for sending me the Red Sox pig in the picture above! He's a genuine fan from Fenway park!


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