Friday, March 16, 2007

SO Bay Area. . .

I'm still here!! Well, it's been a little while to say the least. In all fairness, I did try and log in a few times, but the site was being SO painfully slow, so I did other things and got distracted. Plus, didn't think much was happening for awhile!

I have a job since my last post!! I'm working for a non-profit currently in Menlo Park (they are moving by August). It's a permanent position doing what I wanted to do, plus a little of the accounting piece which is real cool! Currently, I really like the job and the people are so friendly and there are so many little perks. I just found out today that I can take a PAID day off to volunteer!! Hence the "SO Bay area" title! :) Plus, they have all these recycling bins in the office and are so environmental friendly in all their procedures. It's nice! The commute isn't great because of where they are and where I am, I have to drive a lot of surface streets. It was interesting at first because I go through Palo Alto and Stanford, but sometimes sitting in traffic on University Avenue is no fun when you're tired and the sun is beating in your face just out of reach of the visors! BUT, the Otter and I are moving and the place is off the same freeway as work, so it will be much easier to get to. And it's one of my favorite freeways if I had to pick one. It's rather scenic and one of the least crowded. And wikipedia agrees about the scenic part: "Interstate 280, or at least the segment between Cupertino and Daly City, has been called the "World's Most Beautiful Freeway" and there is a sign stating this in Daly City." Read more at:

I have done so much from my last post, I thought I would slowly update you! In summary, got addicted to hockey and went to a Sharks game, went to the Chinese New Year Parade (had to since it is the year of the Pig and San Fran has one of the largest), saw lots of Poker Celebs when I went to see the Otter in the WPT event at the Bay 101 casino (if you're impatient on that one, his blog has it covered pretty well). Stay tuned!


Anonymous MidwestThunder said...

Hey lil piggy! How lucky I was that a bored day at work led me to check your page, and a new post was there! Tell the otter to update his poker stories. I am a whore for those. Alls well here in LA. Work recently changed so we get every other friday off, so a trip up north to visit the otters den is quite in order! Talk soon.

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