Monday, November 13, 2006

November Update

So it's been a little while since I wrote. Halloween has come and gone. The Otter and I carved pumpkins, (mine was a pig of course)! I was a pirate, he was a warewolf and we did some clubbing! I'm on my 3rd book since finishing the Dark Tower series. The end of the story was good, but there were some things leading up to it I didn't like. I will not say those here in case you have not read the story, but if you really want to know what I thought, let me know! I watched "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" last night for the DT's reference to it. Every time I saw Clint Eastwood's character and heard his short little answers, I was reminded of Roland (Mr. Long, Tall and Ugly per Eddie)! I'm taking a trip back East and meeting up with some friends in NYC, so I hope to do a mini DT tour around the corner of 46th and 2nd Streets! Silly or Cool, I don't know. . .

It was finally a good weekend for my PA pro football teams! I didn't really watch any of the games since I didn't go out, and due to 2 team market rules, each bay area team went un-opposed on tv. I did have NFL Network on for updates and was checking the play by play online for some games. The Eagles beat the Redskins! yeah!! The Otter is in London for work (lucky bastard I know), and he happened to call me in the last few minutes of the Saints-Steelers game, so we were following the play-by-play together. Steelers were up 38-31, the Saints were driving. They had it 3rd and long. Brees goes back to pass, it's caught and then fumbled and recovered by the Steelers!! Yeah from me, curse words from the Otter! By that time, the Steelers just had to take a knee and were finally able to win a game! I don't understand them. They lose to the Raiders, but beat the Saints? In all fairness, I think Ben was still a little loopy in the Raiders game and I think Batch should have played that one. Now they have the Brownies next week. That's always a tough rivalry no matter how either team is doing. I just want 1 week were my teams and the Otters teams can win. Poor Cheifs losing to Miami. Although, I think Trent Green feels a little more secure in getting his job back now!

That's all for now. Found out boss is off today, so hopefully lots of reading for me today! Not sure how long I'll be here. Looks like the end of December. Been looking for a permanent job. Temping definitely has it's downsides, but I think I'll just enjoy this one while I can!


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