Monday, October 02, 2006

Rockin' and Rolling Out

Well, the Phillies season officially ended on Sunday with them rolling their way out of the playoffs again. This year they finished 3 games back in the wild card. All I wanted this weekend was a little help from the Giants to sweep their hated rival to the south. Could they even win 1 game - NO!!!!!!!! It was so painful watching them on Friday/Saturday. But, in all fairness, the Phillies could have won a few more games on their own, so they didn't have to depend on the Giants or Diamondbacks. Here's to next year!! I will be routing for a Cardinals-Tigers world series. I thought this weekend about marketing anti-subway series t-shirts. Please not again. :( On the bright side - at the start of the season, the Otter and I bet on the Phillies-Cardinals record. We split their heads up match-ups, but the Phillies finished 1.5 games better then the Red Birds, so he owes me a few cents!! Was regretting that bet the beginning of the season, but the Phillies nicely turned things around.

I saw one of the BEST concerts last night! It was Shine Down, Rob Zombie and Godsmack!! WOW!! Shine Down was a pleasant surprise. Wasn't real familiar with them until last night, but they got me rockin' out! I bought the tickets for Godsmack, but Rob Zombie completely stole the show for me!! They were SO awesome. They didn't miss a beat. Had an awesome stage performance and sounded great live. I had really high hopes for Godsmack, but they sort of let me down. Granted, they were still pretty good, but how can anyone follow that Zombie act? It may be my imagination, but I think the reason I like all Godsmack songs, is that some sound very similar. I wasn't too happy with what they opened with and there was this period of time in the show were Sully disappeared and it was just the drummer going with a generic beat. The Otter said it was just for stage presence, but I was sort of bored. The 2nd half of the show may have made up for it. Sully sat down at the drums and they had double drums going. Even playing some Sabbath with crowd karoke! It was pretty awesome. (Just read on their website that Sully was a drummer before Godsmack, so one might not be so surprised). It really was a good show and I had an awesome time there with the Otter, I think I'm just being too critical! Plus it was all the way out in Concord and we took the train so didn't get home until pretty late.

Eagles on Monday Night football tonight!! :)


Blogger Waldo's Wild Kingdom said...

Fly Eagles Fly....on to Victory....(Until next week when you play the Saints then crash and burn and diiiiiiiiiie.).

4:15 PM  
Blogger Philly Piggy said...

Oh really? care to make any wagers?? :)

11:52 AM  
Blogger Philly Piggy said...

BTW, we did end up betting a dinner on this game, and I ended up losing. Actually, the Eagles didn't lose, they beat themselves again.

Great article about the game:

my favorite is the start: "The Eagles are putting together a most unusual sort of undefeated season. So far, they have beaten Houston, San Francisco, Green Bay, Dallas and Philadelphia - twice."

12:00 PM  

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