Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's Been a Long Time. . .

If you're a Zepplin fan, you know where that that subject is headed. i can't sing very well, so I'll spare you. It kind of sucks not working at a job where they let me read and surf all day!! It's taking me so much longer to get through books and i have not been good at keeping up with my blog!! :) But at the same time, it's nice to know my career is headed somewhere. Not sure where yet, but i feel I'm slowly getting back to the path I once knew.

I came home from running some errands earlier, and who is on tv, but my Phillies (playing the Mets)!! However, they were losing 6-3 and ended the game in even worse shape. Tomorrow I get to see which boys of mine are coming to San Fran for the All Star game. And see if they can keep the Home Run Derby champ back in Philly for the 3rd year in a row. Not going to the All Star game, (or getting a boat to sit in the water for that matter), but, I did go see the Phillies last month against the Giants! Can you believe they actually won?!! It was the first time i ever saw the Phillies win!! EVER!! It only took took going to see them since I was about 10!!! Maybe going to an Eagles game did break the jinx! It's old news now, but i had to say something, and include a picture for the heck of it!

A few weeks ago i spent a nice Sunday in Golden Gate Park getting sun burned and watching a free show of Everclear and Smashmouth. Everyone loved Smashmouth, but me. They were not terrible, but I did not like their stage show, and thought Everclear rocked!! check it out, the lead singer looks just how i remember:

Check back for updates!! It's summer in San Fran - should have lots going on. . .

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