Monday, December 04, 2006

Traveling Piggy

As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I just got back from about 10 days of traveling. It started off in eastern PA having thanksgiving with my folks. The Otter came with me, and that went better then I could have ever expected. I guess with my folks serving a wonderful thanksgiving meal, and having a pool table and bugertime in the basement, it made it easier for the Otter to hang with them! We even got to met Larry Holmes, "The Easton Assassin"!! He's from Easton, PA so Friday night, we decided to go to his bar that he owns there. ( It was a little bit shady, but Yeunglings were about $3, so that made me happy! The guy sitting next to me asks if I see Larry Holmes over there. I said "yeah" thinking that he was referring to the pics on the wall, but sure enough, there he was in person! He stops by and we introduce ourselves. It was cool!

Next stop was NYC. We met up with some friends of mine (and their friends). It was fun. I did walk around the corner of 46th and 2nd with them. It was cooler then I thought it would be! Then we saw Avenue Q. It was SO funny. Unfortunately, since it's about 20 somethings trying to figure out life, I could relate to it quite a bit. The Otters brothers met up with us for the show and then we parted with the others and went to dinner and then had drinks and watched college football. That went well - at least I think it did! Next day was an overnight trip to Atlantic City with a stop in Jersey to see my very pregnant friend. My mom joined us for that one. It was fun. We stayed at the Taj Mahal. I was disappointed because the Boardwalk was really dead. Not sure if it was due to the cold weather, or it being night, or if it is really starting to be run down. Played some video poker. I think total, I lost $3.75! It was great to have my mom there, because I could hang out with her, while the Otter played real poker! Next day, we drove the Otter to the Philly airport. He was headed to St. Louis and I was hanging with the rentals for a few extra days. I'm just so disappointed because we were planning on stopping at Gino's for a cheese steak, but everyone said it would take us a while to get to the airport, and under those times, we thought we were running late. So no cheese steak. :(

A few days later I met up with the Otter in St. Louis. I was worried about getting there because a huge storm was moving through the mid west. Snow, sleet, freezing rain, all that fun stuff! I think I was on one of the last flights that landed. I was so lucky I made it. So due to bad weather, we couldn't really do anything that day, or the following day. Did go see Casino Royale. It was good! It's hard to follow Pierce Brosnan as 007, so I didn't appreciate the "beefcake" moments. however, that's no so important, so I thought the movie was great! Then after the weather cleared up, I was able to see the Otter's little one. She is about 3 and 1/2, and she's so adorable, made me want one of my own! HA HA - just kidding about that last part! She seemed to like me, which made me happy. But when you're that young, who do you really hate! :) then we took a really early flight out last night, and made it back here. The disappointing part of that, was missing the Saints-49'ers game. It took us just long enough to get back home that the game was officially over when we were pulling up. So yesterday, it was just getting food, unpacking, lots of laundry and then collapsing. So here I am back at work. Hardly feeling like I left. Why does vacation time always go by so fast? I had some work this morning, so it went by a little fast. And the boss said he lots of work for me this week, so he should be coming back up shortly. We'll see. . .


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Update me!!

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Hey Traveling Piggy. Nice blog. This is a good way to keep people up to date. Glad to hear the time with the little otter went well. After working for disney, I'm not sure how a child could scare you. Maybe foreign tourists, they are scary LOL

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