Tuesday, September 26, 2006

E-A-G-L-E-S! Go Eagles!!!

WOW! What a game and experience at the Eagles-Niners game on Sunday! It all started about 9:30 a.m. on Sunday. Since the Eagles were the late game, the Otter wanted to go to a sports bar near Monster Park and check out the early games. Turns out there is nothing by Monster Park, so we get a 6-pack and park early to tailgate! It was fun. We ended up parking next to other Eagles fans and started the celebration early. There were SO many Eagles fans there - it was awesome! I mean, we were walking into the stadium and could hear the Eagles chants from the parking lot! The Otter got us great 2nd level seats, on the Eagles side right above their tunnel! Unfortunately, our section was mostly Niner "faithful". There was this grumpy, grumpy old man that was getting on the Otter's case all day. Seriously, he wanted to take the Otter out to the parking lot and even lightly punched him in the stomach!! Read more at the "Otter Rant" link on the right - 9/25 post. (Newly added link to his blog. He describes it better detail. I was just sitting there hoping no one gets hurt. I know for a fact the Otter could have done some damage, but you have to restrain yourself against a geriatric for so many reasons)! Everyone was apologizing for him. I guess I have some sympathy. I mean, if we were at the Linc and the Eagles were getting crushed like that, I might be pretty angry at opposing team fans. But it's not like we were taunting them, we were just excited! So forget that, no sympathy! The final score ended up 38-24, but the score does not do the beating justice. The Eagles looked awesome from their first offense play - a nice 60 yard pass to set up a score. It was SO awesome and SO surreal being there after watching them all these years. And maybe I broke the Phillies jinx!

I'm reading this awesome book right now called "Last Team Standing". It's by an Eastern PA native, about the Steagles! Did you know the Steelers and Eagles combined teams in 1943, due to player shortages caused by WWII, and become the Steagles? I did, and most people thought I was crazy when I told them that! I bought the book almost as soon as I saw it. It's really cool if you're a history buff or football buff or fan of the Steelers or Eagles. Here's a link if you're interested: www.steagles.com.

and Congrats to the Otter for winning a huge poker tourney on Saturday!! And, to the Saints for starting off 3-0! (The Otter is a Saints and Chiefs fan so we went out last night to watch their Monday Night game). Another wow! If they play all their games with that emotion, they'll likely go un-defeated! And speaking of un-defeated, by some miracle my fantasy team is also 3-0! Thanks to Hasslebeck, Westbrook and Portis, I crushed my last opponent. And 2 of my starters didn't even get me any points! I must be doing something right, because I'm now 1st in coaching rating! Yeah Steagles (team name)!

No comment on the Steelers-Bengals game. Apparently it was just a "comedy of errors".

And come on Phillies!! They are now tied with the Dodgers for the wild card. The Dodgers are playing the Giants to close the regular season and all the Giants fans are with me on knocking the Dodgers out of the playoffs! Cards have to beat the Padres just in case too. GO PHILS and GIANTS and CARDS!!!!!!!!!!


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